17 October 2009

I'm back!

I've been really busy with lots of stuff! But, I'm back! Even though I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy creating! I have lots to share... First of all I'd like to show you something that was once just a thought I was entertaining in my mind! I kept imagining something like this so I had to pull out all of my craft supplies and get to work! I had the idea that I'd make one for myself, my boss and other co-workers. So I started with my favorite office pal, Melissa. Her and I like to decorate our office and cubicles for the different seasons and holidays. This little halloween name plaque (not sure what else to call it!) turned out to be the cutest addition to our decorations. I used some chipboard as the base. It was really easy and fast to make. I wanted to add different textures, so I used some tulle and some metallic pipe cleaners. While I was creating, I had this idea of adding something dangly. So I added the "Boo". Ohhhh and yeah, the dies I used to cut out the alphabets we're recently purchased at a local craft store that was going out of business. Can you believe that I had my eyes on them for a few years?!?! Well, I finally got them... and for 90% off!! Wo0o0o0 Ho0o0o0!

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