09 August 2009

"Faux" Bow

Since I posted the card I made for the PPA2 sketch challenge, I have been asked how I created the bow above. The bow is a "faux" bow.... Hopefully I can explain it without confusing you all, sometimes I tend to complicate simple things!

You will need 3 pieces of ribbon, 1 piece long enough to go across the CS you are covering, 1 smaller piece to create the looped "bow"and 1 smaller piece for the gathered part you place over the "loop".

1. The 1st piece of ribbon will need to have adhesive behind it, you can either do that now or wait to you complete the other steps. Make sure to add adhesive to the ends so that you can tuck them behind the cardstock. DO NOT adhere to CS yet.
2. With the 2nd piece of ribbon, you need to join the ends together to make the loops. I put my adhesive behind the middle of the ribbon then just tucked the ends behind. This piece can be adhered to the longer strip now.
3. Next, take the 3rd piece of ribbon and with a thin thread/twine, tie the middle section to create the gathered look. Center the gathered piece over the middle of the looped piece of ribbon. Now tuck the ends behind, adhering it to the looped part. Cut any excess ribbon off.
4. Finally, you can adhere the strip of ribbon to your CS.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me...

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  1. Ohhhhhh! I'd made faux bows before (way back when I was making hair bows) but I'd never gathered the center like that. What a great way to add pizazz to your card!

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and the perfectly matched dotted and none dotted ribbon... did you use the back of the polka dot ribbon from Stampin Up?


  2. Yes, Tee.... I did use the SU polka dot grosgrain... I love it! Especially in Soft Suede!