23 July 2009

Hello World!


A few months ago, I decided to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Not knowing then, this would be the return of my presence in the cyber world. It had been some time since I was active online. Years ago, I enjoyed exploring the web, creating photo collages and making graphics. That was a way of extending my creativity into the cyber world.

Soon after becoming a demo, I started exploring the SU website and some of the wonderful blogs of the members in my group. I was now part of a great company, and member of a group of "Udderly Awesome" stampers. Whoa! I had never imagined! I spent hours just gazing at all the creations AND the layouts of the sites. Of course I wanted to have one too!

I started with signing up for a DBWS through SU. Then I started thinking, if I wanted the online aspect of my business to grow, I should have a blog that would link to my DBWS. (Like everyone else!) It wasn't until a fellow group member, Lee Conrey, had a "bloglift" by Tee that I decided I really wanted to start blogging. I had already chosen a name for my blog, I just needed a design for it that would reflect me. I contacted Tee and she got to working on it almost immediately!

Tee is an awesome (and quick) designer! She totally captured all the elements that I shared with her: polka dots, flourishes and a butterfly! My blog design is perfect, customized to perfection just for me! Tee even found the exact font I wanted for my banner, "Bleeding Cowboys". A huge THANKS to Tee! I now have my own little corner of the web where I can share my OCD (Osessive Crafting Desires) for all the world to see!

Visit Tee's blog here: http://designbytee.blogspot.com/
Need a bloglift? http://designbytee.blogspot.com/
Lee Conrey's Blog, Bloglifted by Tee: http://stampingleeyours.blogspot.com/

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  1. You made working on your blog a pleasure! I look around and remember you being worried that Black White and Gray would be boring. *wink*

    I don't think anybody will ever be bored with your blog! Your work is in a class by itself!

    Tee - your newest fan!